Visited 50 countries and counting, Lived in 3 cities and collected a lot of useful information to help fellow travel junkies out there.

Which tower to climb in Shanghai?

Comparison of Shanghai tower, Jin Mao tower, World Financial Center and Oriental Pearl tower Before going, I definitely knew, I wanted to go up one of the Shanghai towers, but it was a tough decision to choose, which one. All of them have their charm and reasons, why you would

A day in lovely Pingyao

Have you heard much of Pingyao? If you know about its existence, you know far more than I did before I started planning my trip to China. Of course, we always hear a long about the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, but I had no clue, how amazing other

A Guide to visiting old capital of China – Xi’An

Xi’An – the capital of China throughout 10 dynasties and 7 centuries, the city with a history of over 5 millenniums, definitely doesn’t need advertisements. It receives millions of tourists every year. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, it is also rather cheap and has delicious food options. Unfortunately, there is

Visiting Terracota Warriors: An honest guide

Getting to Terracotta warriors is not as difficult, as it looks and is completely possible by yourself. Don’t believe those people, who tell you that the only way to get there is but tour and don’t throw a lot of money on them. Simply go by bus 306. On our

How to spend a lovely day in the Venice of the East – Suzhou

When planning to travel in the Shanghai area, I was sure I wasn’t too interested in spending too much time in Shanghai itself, while its neighbouring Suzhou and Hangzhou fascinated me far more with their history, lovely waterside spots, laid back lifestyle. We decided to stay in a hotel in

Comprehensive guide to using Public Transport in China

Before my trip, I knew quite a lot about the rapid technological development in China, however, the extent of it still amazed me. Wherever we went, everything ran smoothly, the transport network is extensive and always on time, the online ticketing and payment apps work well (ok, online ticketing is

How to DIY your trip to China

Planning a trip to China is one of the most difficult tasks on par with planning travel to Iran. The issues include the limitations on buying tickets for trains online in advance, the issues related to restrictions on using google maps and a number of other apps we are all

Your Guide to Finding Clean Beaches in Lebanon

Definitely don’t get into water near Beirut, the areas around are very polluted and unsafe for health. We suggest to go as far from Beirut, as possible. We checked two very clean beaches – Sour beach in Tyre and the White beach near Batroun. You can also choose to go to Anfeh

Experience Lebanon: Tripoli and Batroun

Heading to Tripoli, keep in mind that this is one of the most conservative areas of Lebanon, so I guess dress accordingly. Nothing is left from the old Phoenician history of this city. When you get there, you will directly feel that you are in a totally different world than

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