Studied politics, sociology, and economics while learning equally much on social psychology, psychology, religion and mythology, and anthropology. Travels to see people, not the buildings. And writes about these.

The “Other” Lebanon Part I: Civil War

It is fun when you go somewhere new: You are not working, you are not surrounded with accustomed buildings, faces, even clothes, there are joyful things to do, experiences to have, mysteries and secrets to find out and solve… But travelers often neglect observing the local people. The joy and

Which Camera? Best Setup for 400$

While travelling around, you might want to take photos which will look better than what your mobile can do. So which camera (setup) should you get? As a lifelong red triangle (Nikon) lover and an ex-Canon-user, I’d recommend you to get a Pentax, as I did long ago. Let me

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