The Summer Palace – My favourate place in Beijing

For full Beijing itinerary suggestions, see this post. For tips on how to plan your trip to China, see this post The Summer Palace was, unexpectedly, one of the highlights of our visit to China. Compared to other world-renowned sites in and around Beijing, this one is less talked about,

Matchmaking in Shanghai: the Marriage market

Have you ever heard of something called marriage market? When I read about it in the guides for Shanghai, I was simply amazed. I thought it would be just at a small corner of the People’s square, several old people quietly talking to each other, so I didn’t pay much

Visiting the Great Wall: Which section to choose

Did you know that the Great Wall is spread our across 21 thousand km and you would need about 353 days to complete it without taking into account stops or any complications (obviously some parts are not walkable at all). A short historical overview: Building of the parts of the

Visiting the Great Wall: Mutyaniu Section

Mutyaniu is the second most visited section of the Wall. It isn’t very easy to reach by public transport, but there is an option of Mubus (details later) taking about 1.5 hours to get there. When to go If you have a while in Beijing, it’s preferable to go during

Visit Beijing – A 4-day guide

Beijing, a city of 22 million people, the most touristic city in China is often the entry point for tourists. As tons of people, we also arrived to the Beijing international airport to start our visit to China. From the first moment, we felt the sheer size of the place.

Which tower to climb in Shanghai?

Comparison of Shanghai tower, Jin Mao tower, World Financial Center and Oriental Pearl tower Before going, I definitely knew, I wanted to go up one of the Shanghai towers, but it was a tough decision to choose, which one. All of them have their charm and reasons, why you would

A day in lovely Pingyao

Have you heard much of Pingyao? If you know about its existence, you know far more than I did before I started planning my trip to China. Of course, we always hear a long about the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, but I had no clue, how amazing other

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