A 10 Day Itinerary For Your First Trip to Iran

(This can be arranged and rearranged according to your wishes) You can spend months exploring this beautiful country, but for the first time visit, you can do the following in 10 days: Tehran: visit for a day. See Golestan Palace, the Tehran bazaar, Azadi tower and former US Embassy. If

Useful Tips for Planning your Trip to Iran

How many of you ever considered going to Iran? The main things we hear about the country is that it is completely closed off, the people live in terrible conditions and the dangers coming from Iran. But we often forget that this is a country with amazing history, great and

How to find Accommodation and Where to stay in Iran

Who would have guessed that finding accommodation would be one of the most difficult parts of planning. The thing is that the major apps I normally use, such as booking.com or Airbnb simply don’t work in Iran. So I had to look for alternative ways. First of all, don’t go

Money Issues in Iran

Take Cash – Bank Cards don’t Work There Given that the Iranian economy is under blockade, you are unable to use your card either while booking anything in advance or during your trip. ATMs only work for local cards. Obviously, you also can’t use your credit cards. So, your only

What to Wear in Iran

The issue of clothes and a headscarf was one of the major, if not the main, concern for me, while planning our trip to Iran. We hear a lot of different information on the levels of cover-up. With all this controversial information, you may have no clue, what to pack

Transport in Iran

How to Travel between the Cities The main means of travelling between the cities in Iran are the buses. These are big and very comfortable buses and quite cheap at that. The price of tickets between major cities (Tehran-Kashan, Isfahan-Yazd, Yazd-Shiraz) range approximately 250.000 -450.000. There is no need to

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