Your Guide to Finding Clean Beaches in Lebanon

Definitely don’t get into water near Beirut, the areas around are very polluted and unsafe for health. We suggest to go as far from Beirut, as possible. We checked two very clean beaches – Sour beach in Tyre and the White beach near Batroun. You can also choose to go to Anfeh

Experience Lebanon: Tripoli and Batroun

Heading to Tripoli, keep in mind that this is one of the most conservative areas of Lebanon, so I guess dress accordingly. Nothing is left from the old Phoenician history of this city. When you get there, you will directly feel that you are in a totally different world than

Experience Lebanon: Sidon and Tyre

South of Lebanon is beautiful. First, head to Sidon (Saida) in the morning. It takes about an hour from Beirut by mini-bus, which will drop you off in a quite central area. Short walk away is the Sidon Sea castle. The castle was built by the crusaders in 13th Century as

Experience Lebanon: Baalbek

If you use public transport Baalbek is a relatively long drive from Beirut with changing the mini-buses, but it is really worth it. (See the details on how to get there here). When entering Bekaa valley, you will notice a number of checkpoints, but nobody stopped the mini-buses we were

Experience Lebanon: Jeitta Grotto, Jounieh, Byblos

Keep in mind that Jeitta Grotto and Our Lady of Lebanon teleferique are not open on Monday, so make your plans accordingly. See the information on how to get there here. During the drive, we understood for the first time, what it means, when they honk the car once –

The “Other” Lebanon Part I: Civil War

It is fun when you go somewhere new: You are not working, you are not surrounded with accustomed buildings, faces, even clothes, there are joyful things to do, experiences to have, mysteries and secrets to find out and solve… But travelers often neglect observing the local people. The joy and

Experience Lebanon: Beirut

Arriving to Beirut: Day 1 As soon as you step foot in Lebanon, you feel that the country of controversies, where you find Uber drivers with socialist ideas and the ones, who care about nothing else but honking, whenever they see a girl they consider, well, attractive? Sexy? Who knows

A 9 Day Lebanon Trip

Our trip to Lebanon has proven itself successful as we have seen, more or less, “everything” that could be seen in 9 days. For sure a longer duration would help to see and do more, yet neither we, nor (maybe) you have either the finances or the time to spend

Useful Tips for Planning Your Trip to Lebanon

Currently, Lebanon is off the travelers’ radar. Most people consider it dangerous and/or not worth visiting. Travel advisories of many countries recommend avoiding all but essential travel to the country, indicating that some parts, like Tripoli and Baalbeck, as the areas, where you should not travel at all. But, then

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