Visit Pokhara: a 2-day guide

Pokhara is a very cute lakeside city in Nepal. It usually serves as a gateway to the Anapurna range for the mountain lovers. However, even if you don’t hike, it’s still a very nice city. It was a huge change from the dirt and dust of Kathmandu. The little city

Visit the amazing Kathmandu valley – a 5-day guide

Kathmandu has surprised us from the airport. The airport is designed in an old style with red bricks. The building definitely stands out. We had to go through a lengthy visa on arrival process. See the detailed information about this here. After clearing the immigration, we got out in the

Useful tips for Planning your trip to Nepal

Nepal is particularly well-known for its mountainous areas and hiking in Himalayas is the main reason for travelers to visit this country. It does have amazing spots with unforgettable views. However, Nepal is not only a destination for mountain lovers. It also offers rich cultural experiences and beautiful and colorful

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