Visiting Krabi: Tiger Cave

While researching what to do in Krabi, I saw many suggestions about Tiger Cave. Some people loved it, some hated it. The pictures looked nice, but I was skeptical. In the end, we had a few hours on our last day and I decided to give it a shot and

Visiting beautiful Railey and Phra Nang Cave beach

Railey and Phra Nang are beautiful beach places in Krabi. They are not accessible by the land transport. You will either need to take a longtail boat from Ao Nang or be transferred from a ferry on to a longtail boat, which is the only type of boat able to

10-Day Itinerary tips for your first trip to Thailand

This is my suggested itinerary, if you have at least 10 days to spare for Thailand. It can be arranged and rearranged according to your wishes and flight plans: Day 1 – Bangkok – Start your day with cultural sightseeing. Head to the MRT station Sanam Chai, walk to the

Visiting South of Thailand: Krabi

South of Thailand offers numerous options for travelers to enjoy beaches, wilderness, wild parties, water activities, etc. I have researched a number of different websites and tries to find a place, which would be easily accessible, relatively cheap and near the seaside. Koh Samui, Koh Lipe and Koh Phangan were

Health in South East Asia: How to avoid mosquitoes

Most travel advisories for South East Asian countries suggest having Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccine in addition to your routine vaccines. Other vaccines can be recommended depending on your itinerary and length of your stay in the region or in the rural areas. Malaria is a low risk in most

Public Transport in Thailand

Public transport is more or less developed in many parts of Thailand. Trains Train system covers parts of the country. You can travel north to Chiang Mai or south to Trang by trains. This can be quite cheap means of transportation (for instance a ticket from Bangkok to Ayutthaya costs

Useful Tips for Planning Your Trip to Thailand

Thailand has been on the radar of a lot of people for decades. The tourism here is thriving. People travel to the beach destinations, visit the many wats or just go to Bangkok, which is a main hub for travelling farther to other countries of South East Asia. With so

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