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50994952_10157080995803833_5210925928649064448_o (1)If you love looking through new and second-hand books, sitting in a bookstore to sift through the new editions, or just simply to feel the atmosphere of a lovely bookstore, London has an amazing selection to offer. I lived in this amazing city for 4 years and still haven’t scratched the surface. Here are the beautiful bookstores I love with amazing atmosphere in them:

Waterstones –  a book chain with a number of beautiful branches. The Piccadilly branch seems to be the biggest bookstore in London. It has 5 floors with books sorted in accordance with genres. It has the busy parts and very quiet parts, where you can sit by yourself and enjoy the atmosphere, while reading your much anticipated book. Another wonderful branch is the Trafalgar square one. This is a much smaller branch, but it’s very cute and you have a Costa café upstairs with nice views over the square.

Daunt Books – This is another huge chain. It’s Marylebone branch is the most beautiful. This is a bookshop, which you find on a number of postcards. You have books sorted according to continents and countries. You can alsosit downstairs and check out your new find.KATA7727

Hatchards on Picadilly – dates back to 1797. It has developed into a beautiful three-story shop with great selection of books and comfy seats to enjoy them.

Book warehouse – it was my favourate bookstore with huge discounts on new unused books. They closed down their branches in Notting Hill and even in Holborn. I believe the one left is in Golders Green.

Word on the Water at Granary Square is a quirky bookshop on water (as the name says). It is located on a boat standing in a canal. Certainly, there is a very little space for you to browse through its second-hand and new books, but it’s a nice idea and they organize musical events at times.

London Review Bookshop is located in Bloomsbury near the British museum and the UCL. It also houses a café, where literary discussions take place. I love it’s design and seats inside and out in the yard. The coffee is also great on top of that.

Notting Hill bookshop – is a lovely travel bookstore located, surprise surprise, in Notting Hill. Certainly a number of movie fans flock here. But it still is a nice little bookshop, where you can find interesting selection of books.

Libreria –the bookstore located in Shoreditch uses its space very efficiently. The mirror gives the impression of big space and very high walls. It offers books sorted according to topics. It’s a great concept and certainly worth checking out.

Foyles – this huge store on Charing Cross road is not my favourate. It is too modern, it doesn’t have seating among the bookshelves to enjoy reading them. But on the other hand, it has a wonderful selection of books sorted in accordance to genres. The café on the top floor is also nice.

Book and Comic Exchange – a second hand book store in Notting hill, where you will find a number of different editions of sci fi and fantasy books and comics. If you are lucky, you can buy Dune for 1 GBP here. So once you go to Notting hill to check out the weekend market, don’t forget to drop by in this bookstore.

Secondhand bookstores on Charing Cross road – there are several of these small shops stacked with numerous secondhand books. You will find basically any book here, just ask.


What are your favourate bookstores in this amazing city? Write in the comments, what did I miss.

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