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Experience Lebanon: Sidon and Tyre

South of Lebanon is beautiful. First, head to Sidon (Saida) in the morning. It takes about an hour from Beirut by mini-bus, which will drop you off in a quite central area. Short walk away is the Sidon Sea castle. The castle was built by the crusaders in 13th Century as

Experience Lebanon: Baalbek

If you use public transport Baalbek is a relatively long drive from Beirut with changing the mini-buses, but it is really worth it. (See the details on how to get there here). When entering Bekaa valley, you will notice a number of checkpoints, but nobody stopped the mini-buses we were

Experience Lebanon: Jeitta Grotto, Jounieh, Byblos

Keep in mind that Jeitta Grotto and Our Lady of Lebanon teleferique are not open on Monday, so make your plans accordingly. See the information on how to get there here. During the drive, we understood for the first time, what it means, when they honk the car once –

Stopover in Almaty for a Day

After booking Air Astana from Tbilisi to Tashkent via Almaty, I found an amazing offer from the airline – an almost free stopover in Almaty. If you have at least 10-hour layover, the airline provides one night accommodation in 3-4 star hotel (you can choose from several offers) with breakfast

Tallinn to Helsinki on a Cruise Ship

Cruise from Tallinn to Helsinki (and vice versa) takes about 2.30 hours. The cheaper options include the Eckeroline and Viking line, Tallink is relatively more expensive and faster (2 hours) and offers more luxury options as well. There is also Linda line, which is fastest (1.5 hours), but they have

How to Spend a Lovely Day in Helsinki

First and foremost, as a Scandinavian city, Helsinki is very expensive. If you are only spending a day here, you have an option of bringing your own food along. We brought food during our day trip from Tallinn, which ended up far cheaper than buying food in Helsinki. If you

Experience Tallinn in 2 Days – Step-by-Step Guide

Tallinn’s city center is very compact and easily walkable. You don’t need any transport to reach most of the sightseeing spots (except the Kadriorg Palace). No transport is allowed inside the old city anyway, so you should simply walk the narrow streets of the beautiful old city and find something

A 10 Day Itinerary For Your First Trip to Iran

(This can be arranged and rearranged according to your wishes) You can spend months exploring this beautiful country, but for the first time visit, you can do the following in 10 days: Tehran: visit for a day. See Golestan Palace, the Tehran bazaar, Azadi tower and former US Embassy. If

Useful Tips for Planning your Trip to Iran

How many of you ever considered going to Iran? The main things we hear about the country is that it is completely closed off, the people live in terrible conditions and the dangers coming from Iran. But we often forget that this is a country with amazing history, great and

How to find Accommodation and Where to stay in Iran

Who would have guessed that finding accommodation would be one of the most difficult parts of planning. The thing is that the major apps I normally use, such as or Airbnb simply don’t work in Iran. So I had to look for alternative ways. First of all, don’t go

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