Transport in Iran

How to Travel between the Cities

The main means of travelling between the cities in Iran are the buses. These are big and very comfortable buses and quite cheap at that. The price of tickets between major cities (Tehran-Kashan, Isfahan-Yazd, Yazd-Shiraz) range approximately 250.000 -450.000.

There is no need to book public transport in advance. You can get the tickets even an hour before departure most of the time, so don’t pay extra for booking a ticket online.

There are also trains running between these cities, but they are slower than buses and unless you want to experience a train ride, they are not worth the time.

Inside the Cities

Except in Tehran, the sights of Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz are not too far apart, and you can walk between attractions. Either way, we love walking and hardly ever got into transport. However, the public transport is well-developed in all major cities.

Tehran has a good metro system and you will hardly need any other transport. But changing the lines can be very confusing, as in some cases you need to almost get to the street level and go back down, in order to switch from the yellow line to red. It is best to ask locals, if you are not sure. That can save a lot of time.

Shiraz also already has a quite good subway system. As for Isfahan, its metro system is still very new and being developed.

The metro has women only part, where men are not allowed to enter.

You can also use buses in these cities, but obviously it’s more confusing. In Isfahan, you should get an Isfahan card, which is an electronic payment card for all public transport in the city. Same goes for Shiraz, which has it’s own electronic card (not sure about the name though, as we didn’t use it).

Yazd doesn’t have a metro system and the bus network also doesn’t seem to be well developed. However, taxis are rather cheap.

Taxis are another easy means of transportation. Download the Snapp app and try to use it, as all locals do. This is the best option for getting a taxi for cheap, if you have mobile internet or can get a Wi-Fi. The app will give you the rate and you will pay to the driver accordingly in cash. This app didn’t work for us, because we didn’t know the phone number of our SIM card, so we would ask our hosts to order the Snapp for us and we would pay to the driver in cash. Make sure to have this app, or order your taxi with this as it’ll cost sometimes one third, at times one tenth of what you’ll pay otherwise. Don’t think negotiating the price will work as in the best case, you’ll pay triple of the ordinary cost.

Visited 50 countries and counting, Lived in 3 cities and collected a lot of useful information to help fellow travel junkies out there.

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