Which tower to climb in Shanghai?

Comparison of Shanghai tower, Jin Mao tower, World Financial Center and Oriental Pearl tower

Before going, I definitely knew, I wanted to go up one of the Shanghai towers, but it was a tough decision to choose, which one. All of them have their charm and reasons, why you would want to go up. So here is the breakdown of your options, so that you can choose the best for your taste.

Shanghai Tower – obviously, the world’s second tallest building was on my list. It is quite convenient to visit, with less queues and crowds that oriental pearl tower. It also is the tallest building around, so gives a bird’s eye view over the whole city. I saw a number of photos with the views from there and they definitely are fascinating. Price – 180 yuan.

Jin Mao tower was for some time my number one even. The reason is that they have this cool Sky walk. This means, that they allow you to go out on the 88th floor. You can walk across the glass walls on a glass floor, while you are securely fastened to the building with the special equipment. If you are not faint hearted and like heights, this is definitely for you. I was considering it, but the day we visited was windy, so it made no sense. Btw this was the tallest building till 2008, when Shanghai Financial tower was completed. Price – 120 yuan for observation deck, 388 – for skywalk.

Shanghai Financial tower used to be most popular and tallest before Shanghai tower was built. It remains the second tallest building in Shangahi. It has a corridor with glass floor on the 100th floor. Seeing the photos of this though didn’t impress me. I heard from the people who visited that the glass floor doesn’t give much of a view. Price – 180 yuan for all floors.

Oriental pearl tower – this is what we decided on for the main reason – the glass floor. This is definitely not the highest building in Shanghai and your views won’t be as nice, as from other skyscrapers. Also, I had heard about the nightmarish queues, so we prepared ourselves for the long wait. Buying tickets was not difficult, it was very quick. But we did have to wait for the elevators. Let me give you a step-by-step guide.

There are two ticket options to visit the tower: you have an option to include the small space capsule at 351m or get the tickets for the lower floors, the one at 259 meters has the nicest views and the glass floor. We didn’t care about any other offers the tower was making – like the space capsule, multimedia show or the museum, so we opted for the simplest ticket, which gave us access to 259 m. So we got the cheapest option at 198 yuans. If you still want access to the space capsule, I believe you would pay around 100 RMB more.

As I mentioned the queues were long, while we waited for the elevator up. I would say we waited about half an hour and a bit less for the way down. There are certainly not enough facilities to accommodate everyone, who wants to visit. Despite this, we loved our experience and if you don’t mind the heights, I would recommend visiting this tower.

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