Cheap and tasty food and coffee in Siem Reap

Cheap restaurants to try in Siem Reap

Food in Cambodia is quite cheap, even compared to its neighbours, for instance, Thailand. In Siem Reap, a very touristy city, you could eat well for 5 USD per person. Of course, this does not include the expensive restaurants, especially the ones on Pub street.

Here is the list of relatively cheaper and good places.

First of all, I will start with our favourate, the Try Me Restaurant. We loved everything about it – the vibe, the prices, the very tasty food and a welcoming service. We tried a few dishes, mainly the ones with rice. Do go here, it won’t disappoint you.


Sita Sousdey restaurant nearby was a small, very cheap restaurant. The food was not as great, as at the previous one, but the owners were very nice.

Another restaurant we didn’t try, but is highly recommended and was on my list is – Lilypop restaurant. It’s among the cheap places and looked quite good, when we passed one day.

We also tried a restaurant more on the expensive side – the Monsoon Asia Fusion bistro. The food was good, but pricier than other places on this list.

Coffee in Siem Reap

The best, but not extremely cheap places to go for coffee in Siem Reap:

Bang Bang – this is a small cute café with good coffee. We tried their cakes as well, which were not as great. So I suggest to go only for coffee here 🙂


Brown Coffee – a big and modern café with air conditioning, which may be a breathe of air after a long day at Angkor 🙂 The coffee and cakes are very tasty, although the prices are not that low. I do suggest the opera cake 🙂


Footprint cafes – this one is on the other side of the river. It’s a very cute café with an amazing concept of helping local communities. It has a great atmosphere with a lot of books. The service is also wonderful.


Other places you may want to check out are Sister Srey Café, the Hive, Meng café, Brother Bong café, Gelato lab for good ice cream, E7 café – for cheap and ok coffee.

Not recommended

We absolutely don’t recommend Lady Khmer restaurant. Food there was really really terrible. I don’t understand, how does it have good reviews.

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