Most Beautiful Cafes in Busan

Busan is a very spread out city with a lot of time required to get from one sightseeing area to another. Even though it’s the second largest city in Korea, I really didn’t expect to find it so lively and fascinating dotted with numerous cafes and food places. We actually found a number of lovely cafes here, although didn’t manage to get to some we wanted to due to huge distances between the areas of the city.

Seomyen Area and Jeonpo Café Street

Seomyen is actually one of the centers of Busan (the city doesn’t have one center, just a few central areas). Many travelers stay here while visiting, especially because the areas nearer Haeundae and other beachsides, as well as Nampo are more expensive.


  • This café has another branch near Seomyen station, but this one is the main one. It’s located in a huge warehouse type of space and decorated with old furniture. You will find all sorts of items here from old vinyl record player to singer sewing machine. The environment is dimly lighted, so when we first looked into it on a rainy and gloomy day, we thought we wouldn’t like it, but in fact it turned out cozier than we thought. They had tasty cakes. This is the only café we encountered, which says it works 24 hours. We never checked late at night, but that would be very convenient, when you are hungry at 2am 😊
  • Seosangho Syokollattie (Naver link) (no Google link is available)– I believe this café is relatively newly opened. It’s very lovely inside. But what we loved about it was the staff. We came here on a very rainy morning (about 12ish I guess). I think they were gonna open in a little while (Naver actually says opening time is 12.30). But we were let in and the barista was very welcoming. We ordered coffee and a cake and got the complementary small chocolate cake, which was delicious. Definitely do check out this cute café while in the area.
  • Be Brave Seomyen (Bi Brave on Naver 😊) (no Google link available) – we stumbled upon this café. It’s very spacious and comfy. I believe it opened very recently and it was basically empty at the time we visited.

Cafes in the area we didn’t manage to check out but will next time:

  • Knockout (Neok Out on Naver)
  • KKuoi ano (Naver link) – I know the name sounds strange and it probably is pronounced differently, but that’s how the café is listed on Naver.
  • Momochi (Naver link) (no Google link available)
  • Modern Table (Naver link) – their cakes look so good
  • Pollia (Naver link) (no Google link available) – I like the interior of this one
  • Café Molle (Naver link) (no Google link available) – I am not sure if this café in fact exists. We actually looked for it and found nothing, although it might have been because it was evening and they closed early. I wanted to try their rainbow cake.

Gamcheon Culture Village

This cute village situated on the hill is dotted with a number of colorful and lovely cafes. I actually had a list of them, as usual, but we stumbled upon some other cute ones, while exploring. All of these cafes have one thing in common – they all provide views of the Gamcheon village.

  • It house (Itjip on Naver)
  • 20230404102450This café painted in pink from outside is a little bit to the left from where you get off the bus to visit the Gamcheon village. You will immediately notice its pink exterior. On the top floor they have an open area, where you can sit with your coffee and take pictures. Keep in mind you find only chairs there, no tables. The “one person – one drink rule applies here too” and if you don’t order something, you can’t go upstairs. Coffee was fine – nothing outstanding.
  • Coffee Wooin (Uin café on Naver) One more café with a view not too far from where you enter the village. There are signs directing you up the stairs towards the café.

Cafes in the area we didn’t manage to check out but will next time:

Hanneul Culture Village

This lovely area is also full of cafes – you find them up on the main bus road, as well as on the pedestrian road (mid hill). Most of them have the sea views.

  • Huinyeoul beach (Naver link)20230404162751This café is up on the main road, meaning the road where buses pass. It has a pink exterior and not difficult to find. You can either come here directly by bus, or walk up from the seaside. It has 3 floors – outside spaces upstairs, very cute inside sitting on the level of the road the buses pass, while downstairs you find both inside space and the balcony with umbrellas giving a feeling of a beach. I tried their cake, which was quite nice. One bonus – they thankfully don’t have a “one person – one drink” rule 😊
  • Yeoul bookshelf (Naver link) – this is a very popular café, which is accessible from the pedestrian way. It has cute interior, where you also find books to read. The balcony provides nice views towards the sea. The outside area was crowded, when we visited in the late afternoon, while inside there were tons of available seats. Their coffee was good and no “one person – one drink” rule 😊

Cafes in the area we didn’t manage to check out but will next time:

  • Café healing house (Naver link) (no Google link available) – we checked this café out. It was open but totally empty, we didn’t even see any waiters. We were lazy to wait around, so left. But can say, the interior is pretty cute and it has cool views, as most cafés in the area.
  • Gureume (Naver link) (no Google link available) – this café is known for its ice cream and, of course, its views 😊
  • Go Slow (Naver link) – one more cute place.
  • Yeoul café (Naver link) (no Google link available) – guess what, it also has good views 😊
  • Aloha Busan (couldn’t find Naver link)

Haeundae, Dalmaji-jil and Cheongsapo

These areas are very popular among tourists, especially given the existence of Haeundae Sky capsule and beach train.

  • Caffe in Busan (Caffeine Busan on Naver)
  • 20230406131711The place is not difficult to find, there are signs directing you to the elevator to go to the top floor. This café is very artistic and colorful. It has several rooms all with different themes. While the balcony strives to create a beach feel 😊 The views are not as great, as most probably of the Twosome place across the road, but this one is not to be visited for views alone.


  • Strangely enough, when we visited in the afternoon (during lunchtime) on a weekday, there were only a few visitors and only women. Hubby was rather out of place there 😀 Their coffee was strong and good. Of course, I don’t need to say that we took tons of pictures here.


  • Dongbaek cafe 104 (Naver link) – seems like there was a café called Montee 104 here (which on Google shows as permanently closed, but this café is at its place). We noticed it from the Sky capsule and liked it. It has cool views of the passing Sky capsules and the beach train.
  • Café rooftop (Naver link) – this café is located near the Beach train and Sky capsule Cheongsapo stop. As the name tells you, it’s known for its roof. I checked it out, but didn’t like the atmosphere. Firstly the elevator was old, the café itself is in need of a renovation (I do like cafes done in old style, but this felt like it needed to be cleaned up). The view, of course, is nice. Btw, we noticed a café just next door, which was very colorful, but we didn’t have time to check it out. We have no clue, what it’s name is, as it’s probably new and not on any of the maps.

Cafes in the area we didn’t manage to check out but will next time:

Other Areas of Busan

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