Most Beautiful Cafes in Jeonju

This small cute town has some very popular cute cafes, which are often crowded with day trippers. Please, keep in mind that I tried to give both Google and Naver links, but some of these cafes are not on Google map or only findable by its Korean name.

Here are the cafes we checked out and liked:

  • Jeonmang café (Naver link)– this café is known for its views. It is located on the edge of the Hanok village and hence has lovely views over it. I definitely recommend to check it out. We visited in the morning, at about 10am and there were very few people. But either way, they have quite a big space occupying two floors and I doubt you wouldn’t be able to find a table. Their coffee was good.


  • Tomorrow café (it is no longer on Naver for some reason) – this one was supposed to open at 9.30, but when we visited at 10am, it wasn’t yet open (it was when we passed second time in the afternoon). It looks quite lovely and has great views.
  • Masirangge café (Naver link)– this has to be the most popular café in Jeonju. On the second floor, they have lovely interior decorations with the cute window, which always has queues of people wanting to pose in front of it. We also had to wait some 5 minutes to snap a picture and while we did it in half a minute, people were taking ages, posing dozen different ways 😀 We tried their most popular special macha rice cake. As I am not a fan of rice cakes or bean sweets, this was just to taste the local cakes and I didn’t expect to like it.


  • ET café (Kkojitapong on Naver) – is located in Jaman mural village. It’s a very cute café with a couple of colorful rooms and lovely decorated yard. On the Friday afternoon, when we visited it was quite empty. They had the “one person – one coffee” rule and as we didn’t want more than one coffee, we got a takeaway. The cup itself was cute too.


  • Handmade Jeonju chocho pie (Naver link) – seems these pies have been around for a while. I tried the traditional one, which was cheaper.
  • A Twosome place Jeonju station (Naver link) – this café next to the Jeonju station was a respite for us on a cold evening, when we ended up at the station earlier than our train was scheduled. It has nice environment and good coffee, as Twosome places in other spots.

Cafes we didn’t have time to check out:

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