Paris cafes and yummy crepes

If you want to find great food places, where Parisians hang out, head to Le Marais district in 3rd ARR. This neighbourhood is famous for its food places. I found several great creperies there. Another such area is in 5th ARR.


Breizh Cafe Le Marais – This café has great reviews and indeed, they have delicious crepes, but the staff is very rude and the very small space should be booked in advance, otherwise, you will have no chance to sit.

La Droguerie – This small creperie has quite tasty savoury and sweet crepes. Just keep in mind that they do savoury crepes with dark dough, which I personally don’t like much, however, the sweet crepes I enjoyed immensely. This place doesn’t have seating space, so you have to order take away. You are also able to watch the whole process of making crepes in front of you. As with any other such tasty places, expect queues almost any time.

Au P’tit Grec – This small creperie is worth a visit but expect a queue almost any time of day and evening. They have very tasty and cheap savoury and sweet crepes. I definitely recommend it, especially if you travel on a budget.

Coffee, cakes and chocolates

Café Angelina – This cafe is very conveniently located near Tuileries gardens. The place is very beautiful. They have tasty cakes and good coffee. I would love the place, if it wasn’t for its extremely expensive prices. Head to other places if you are on a budget. But if you want to indulge yourself a little, then do visit at least once 😊

Café Verlet – simply adorable coffee shop with a rich history. A nice break after long sightseeing in the area. You can choose among different options of coffee beans, with which they will make your coffee. Their cakes and hot chocolate are also very delicious.

Coutume Café – a small coffee place near Saint Germaine des Pres area. They have great selection of very tasty coffees and wonderful cakes.

Ladurée Paris Royale – Delicious cakes and macaroons. The café is located near the Champs Elysees, which makes it very convenient.

KB Cafeshop – the café in the Monmartre area has great coffee and cakes. Staff are also nice an welcoming.

Pierre Herme – the pastry shop – with amazing macaroons and cakes.

Pierre Marcolini – best Belgian chocolates and best macaroons I have ever tried. I adore everything here. Tried it first in Brussels and have seen them in several cities since.

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