Huinnyeoul Culture Village: Hidden Gem of Busan

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is often referred to as Santorini of Korea and unlike with Gamcheon village, I agree to this reference, as the village is in white and blue colors and just next to the seaside. This was one of my favourite areas in Busan and definitely should be on any itinerary of Busan.

How to Get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Transportation: you can get to the upper road of the village – Jeoryeong-ro – by bus from either Songdo, Nampo or Busan station. This is the approximate location you should get to on Google. And on Naver.  From Songdo, you can take bus 6 or 71. Make sure to consult Naver to find the best option, for the time you are visiting. Hop off at the start of the road and find stairs down to the narrow pathway – you can choose any stairs or alley.

Note: The area is unfortunately not easily accessible, you will have to go up and down the stairs or steep hills and we haven’t found another way to access it. For instance, if I was travelling with mom, I would probably not manage to bring her here, as she would have a hard time climbing the many stairs up to leave the village.


What not to Miss at the Huinnyeoul Culture Village

This lovely seaside area has so many things to offer – the cute narrow pathways, cute houses, lovely seaside walk, viewpoints, tunnel, cute cafes and restaurants and so on. Similarly to Gamcheon, the village housed Korean war refugees. It was remodeled, as an art village in 2011. It apparently became more popular after being featured in various K dramas, including the Attorney (which I have yet to see).

We visited it in the late afternoon on a sunny and lovely day and it was quite crowded. While we didn’t see almost any foreigners or any tour groups (thankfully), seems the area is popular among locals and Korean tourists.


I suggest to first explore the middle pathway of the village. Firstly, on the edge of the village you will fint the Film Archive building, where you can see the information about all K dramas filmed around here. Walk along the cute houses and pop into one of the cute cafes here (see details in my post dedicated to Busan cafes). My absolute favorite is the Huinyeoul beach café, which is housed on four floors – you can access it up from Jeoryeong-ro, as well as from the pathway downstairs (see the review in my post dedicated to Busan cafes linked above) – the café was completely empty, when we visited, so we basically had it to ourselves for a bit (you can also visit this café before or after exploring the village – whenever you need some rest and coffee fix). There are also many other lovely cafes in the area.

Also find the many colorful gift shops, as well as small alleys with various murals.

After walking along this path – you can go all the way, if you prefer – choose any stairs down to the coastal path. The coastal walking area is very cute painted in white and blue and makes a lovely stroll. From here you can also see the views over to Songdo.


Walking along the coast you will come by stars painted in rainbow colors – the rainbow stairs lead back to the main road. It’s a lovely photo opportunity.


Just next to the stairs you will find the entrance to the Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel – sometimes referred to, as love tunnel. Inside you can find some fun installations, like touch panel for couples.


After you go through the tunnel, you can enjoy the rocky seaside area. Next to the tunnel you will find the stairs to go up. The stairs are a bit steep, so be careful. Once you climb the stairs, you will find lovely photo opportunities on the stairs, as well as a viewpoint. Nearby is also a lovely swing.
You can walk back along the little pathway again or if you are completely done with the place, climb all the way to Jeoryeong-ro.

After you are done exploring the village, you can hop on a bus from Jeoryeong-ro to Nampo or continue exploring the area by going to Taejongdae.

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